Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery

Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery

Don’t Gamble and Put Your Business at Risk – As Your I.T. Department, We Have Your Back (Up)!

Your computer systems are the lifeblood of your company. If the systems go down, you lose money. Protect your data keep your business running in the event of catastrophe.

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Hardware failure
  • Hurricanes
  • Floods

Our NAS device is a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery solution (BDR) for Windows servers. This reasonably priced, all-encompassing solution for small-to-midsize businesses provides:

  • Very frequent backups (as frequent as every 15 minutes) with an onsite NAS Device
  • Optional off-site data storage at highly rated data centers
  • Fast Recovery for files and email
  • Virtualization of failed servers decreasing downtime from days to minutes!
  • Advanced restoration options (file- and folder-levels) with Exchange message and mailbox recovery
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring and Management insuring data integrity
Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Evolve Your Communications With A 3CX Phone System 

With 3CX, companies can reduce their telephone costs by up to 80%, by leveraging SIP trunks, WebRTC, free calling to remote extensions and offices and reducing the number of fixed telephony lines. With the CRM integration, agents get a customer name rather
than a number.

  • Take your extension everywhere you go (Rings to your desk, computer & cell phone!)
  • All calls arefree of charge – slash your mobile phone bills
  • 3CX Phone System is a software-based
  • Increase productivity– work from anywhere
  • One number – Don’t give out your personal mobile number (Using the 3CX app, call clients from your cell phone and it appears as your desk number.)
  • Save on call costs by lowering mobile & customer service number bills
  • Easily add and remove extensions – no per user license
  • Know who’s calling with CRM integration -increase customer satisfaction
  • Leverage existing hardware, wiring, and low-cost open standard hardware

Used by more than 30,000 companies globally, 3CX has been recognized for its innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The efficient 3CX system has been recognized for its innovation and cutting-edge technology.


Private Cloud & Business Continuity Solutions

Private Cloud & Business Continuity Solutions

Private Cloud

Private Cloud computing is a new way of looking at IT infrastructure. It uses cloud servers as the basic building block of the private cloud. Cloud servers provide CPU, RAM, and storage resources to the on-premise private cloud. The private cloud is a highly available, high performance, scalable. The private cloud can be deployed as a virtual infrastructure, business continuity, or network storage solution.

  • Virtual Workloads– CPU, memory and storage resources are allocated to each virtual workload. These resources can be expanded as requirements change.
  • High Availability – An entire Private Cloud node can fail and your virtual infrastructure continues to function. Downtime and work interruptions are severely limited.
  • Scalability– Simply add in more Private Cloud nodes for more processing and RAM resources or to add to the storage pool. The more nodes added, the higher the availability of the entire solution.
  • Virtual Templates – Templates help reduce the amount of time it takes to build a virtual desktop or server and can be used to standardize configuration settings along large deployments.
  • Cloud Clients– Cloud Clients can be used to replace traditional desktop systems. They save workspace, consume less power, and produce less heat than traditional desktops.
  • Data Retention– Retain data for seven to ninety days or with MirrorCloud, retain data indefinitely.
  • Data Protection – The revolutionary cloud file system protects and preserves data the moment it is written. Data can be seamlessly recovered in the background without the users even knowing there was a problem.
  • Performance – Private Cloud prioritizes its caching system, enhancing system performance significantly.


Mirror Cloud

Mirror Cloud is an advanced business continuity integration with Private Cloud servers. Mirror Cloud installs to Windows desktops and servers and continuously mirrors data to the Private Cloud servers.

Data is fully protected and can be restored from any snapshot point-in-time. Additionally, the desktops or servers can failover to the Private Cloud servers and be virtualized eliminating the time wasting tasks of tape recovery and improving on the resource limitations of traditional disk-based backup solutions.



Applications Integration & Data Migration

Applications Integration & Data Migration

Our I.T. experts will utilize best practices and specialized processes to make your Application Integration and Data Migration go seamlessly and provide optimal business value.  Let us help you streamline your enterprise’s processes and optimize efficiency and reduce errors.