Success Acronym.Monday Motivation.Posted.8.1.16

SEE YOUR GOAL: There is an old saying, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  There is so much truth to the statement.

Beyond measurable benchmarks, have you really stopped and reassessed your goals?  Often we launch our businesses and then we are buried running them, and, well, hopefully growing them.  However, when we are working in our business, we are often not working ON our business’ future growth beyond just increases to the bottomline, not to mention clearly defining the necessary tactics and tasks to get us there.

In your personal life, your goals when you were 15 years old likely were not the same as when you turned 35 years old.  Businesses are the same.  As you mature your business, as the market matures, so should your goals.

Take some time on your commute home today, or schedule some reflective time tomorrow morning to get out of the trenches of your business so you can look at it from a birds’ eye view and determine the direction of where you are going and what you will do when you get there.

UNDERSTAND THE OBSTACLES: Likely you have been in your business for a while and can best anticipate the most common obstacles keeping you from reaching your goals.  See the obstacles as challenges – challenges you can overcome because you plan for them strategically.

CREATE A POSITIVE MENTAL PICTURE: Sometimes when we are told to “visualize the end in mind” we instinctively discount the advice (perhaps, even throw in an eye roll.)  But, many wildly successful people swear by the practice of meditation and a positive outlook.  Whether you visualize your success or not, there is much power to thinking positively daily and about the accomplishing the goal in mind.

CLEAR YOUR MIND OF SELF-DOUBT: Crazy enough, one of the most common and significant obstacles stifling the success of business owners is their own mind.  A confident mind helps us face obstacles more effectively and allows for laser-point focus.

The confidence clears the murky waters of self-doubt and enables us to have more time working on our business, and less time trying to fight self-doubt.

There are often enough naysayers in our world and in our ear – let your positive inner voice drown out the doubters.

EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE: Simply, ‘you got this!’   Starting a business is not easy, but you did it. Remember your achievements and embrace challenges.

STAY ON TRACK: Set-up a way to see and engage daily with your goals, tactical task lists, and how your current performance is measuring up.  Again, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”   If you are following the plan and still seem off-track from reaching your goals, pullover and recalibrate your ‘vehicle’ and make sure your steering, engine and all your wheels are working optimally.  And, sometimes the bumpy ride doesn’t have anything to do with the vehicle, it is simply a rough patch on the road to your destination.

SHOW THE WORLD (& YOURSELF) YOU CAN DO IT!:  You have come this far.  Do what you need to refuel your drive and map out your path, then when you get to your destination celebrate your journey…..then prepare for the next one!